Katherine Philips 350: Conference Programme

Here is the Katherine Philips 350 conference programme. You can download it as a PDF here (KP 350 programme_17.06.14), or see below.

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Katherine Philips 350: Writing, Reputation, Legacy

Marsh’s Library, Dublin

26-28 June, 2014

Day 1: Thursday, 26 June

9.45-10.15. Registration

10.15-10.30. Welcome

10.30-11.30. Panel 1: Publishing and Editing

Ben Crabstick, Independent Scholar
Philips and Print Publication: The Stationer’s Perspective

Sarah Ross, Victoria University of Wellington
Editing Katherine Philips for Women Poets of the English Civil War

11.30-12.00: coffee break

12.00-1.00. Panel 2: Literary Contexts

Sajed Chowdhury, King’s College London
‘All oppositions are contiguous’: Hermetic Metaphysics in the Poetry of Katherine Philips

Paula Loscocco, Lehman College/CUNY
Epithalamic Poetics in Katherine Philips and John Milton

1.00-2.00: lunch

2.00-3.30. Panel 3: Translation

Penelope Anderson, University of Indiana
Can a woman deserve the name of enemy? Gender, War, and Law in Katherine Philips’s Corneille Translations

Line Cottegnies, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
Katherine Philips’s Translation of ‘La Solitude de St Amant’: Between Mediation and Appropriation

Deborah Uman, St John Fisher College
Translatio imperii, Translatio studii: Conquest and Collaboration in Katherine Philips’s Dramatic Translations

3.30-4.00: coffee break

4.00-5.00. Plenary:

Linzi Simpson, Archaeological Director, Smock Alley Theatre excavations
From 19th-century Church to 17th-century Theatre: The Archaeological Discovery of Smock Alley

6.00-7.00. Visit to Smock Alley Theatre (optional)

Day 2: Friday, 27 June

9.30-11.00. Panel 1: Religion and Memory

Katia Fowler, University of Chicago
‘And why this Vault and Tomb?’ Memorial Culture and Friendship in Katherine Philips’s Poetry

Bronwyn Wallace, University of Pennsylvania
Religion in Our Love: Aemilia Lanyer, Katherine Philips, and the Politics and Poetics of Devotional Eroticism

Hui-Chu Yu, National Pingtung University of Education
Religious Allusions and the Royal Image in Katherine Philips’s Poems

11.00-11.30: coffee break

11.30-1.00. Panel 2: Afterlives

Victoria Burke, University of Ottawa
The Couplet versus the Poem: Late Seventeenth-Century Women Reading Katherine Philips

Andrea Sununu, DePauw University
‘I long to know your Opinion of it’: The Serendipity of a Norton Inquiry and a Malfunctioning Timing Belt

Nathan Tinker, Independent Scholar
KP in Connecticut: The Surprising Afterlife of Pompey’s Ghost

1.00-2.00: lunch

2.00-3.30. Panel 3: Ireland

Andrew Carpenter, University College Dublin
Katherine Philips’s Dublin Admirers: ‘Philo-Philippa’ Unmasked

Patrick Tuite, Catholic University of America
Making the Case for Artaban: Examining New Play Development in Ormond’s Court through the work of Robert Leigh

Lee Morrissey, Clemson University
‘Behold this Creature’s form and State’: Katherine Philips and the Early Ascendancy

4.00-5.00. Plenary:
Professor Sarah Prescott, Aberystwyth University
Katherine Philips and Wales

Conference Dinner (optional)

Day 3: Saturday, 28 June

9.30-11.00. Panel 1: Friendship

Sonya Cronin, Trinity College Dublin
Spes Alunt Exsules: Clandestine Communications in the Verse Letters of Katherine Philips
Helen Draper, Courtauld Institute Mary Beale (1633-1699), Katherine Philips, and the Art of Friendship

Scott Howard, University of Denver
‘That Noble Flame’: Literary History and Regenerative Time in Katherine Philips’s Elegies and Society of Friendship

11.00-11.30: coffee break

11.30-1.00. Plenary:

Professor Elizabeth H. Hageman, University of New Hampshire
‘Katherine Philips, Her Bookes: 1664-2014’

1.00. End of conference